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  • 10% less for pensioners over 60;

  • 10% less for the holders of ISIC Card;

  • 10% less for minors from age 13 to 26;

  • 15% less for the holders of AGAT Premium Card - The Card is issued after 3 journeys with our coach lines;

  • 15% less - Try Out AGAT - the concession is aimed at holders of Loyalty Cards of other Polish licensed coach carriers, who operate on international coach lines. The concession is granted upon verifying a Loyalty Card of another coach carrier, by one of the members of our staff. The Passenger is obligated to carry the Card whenever he or she travels on a service, and must produce it with a ticket for inspection when asked. If the Passenger fails to produce the Card, he or she will be required to pay the full adult fare;

  • 25% less - Frequently for Less - special concession for all the holders of an AGAT PREMIUM CARD loyalty card. This concession, after submitting 3 tickets to the Carrier (single as well as return tickets) for 15% less, grants the purchase of the next (4th) ticket for 25% less. All 3 of the tickets should have been granted 15% less on the basis of AGAT PREMIUM CARD. All 3 tickets submitted to the Carrier should be used in the 12 months before the 4th travel. The Passengers who purchase the 4th concessionary ticket online, are obligated to bring the 3 used tickets on which basis they used the ‘25% less - Frequently for Less’ concession. The 3 used tickets should be given to the driver when boarding the coach;

  • 50% less for children from age 0 to 12;

  • 50% less - Double Comfort - special concession for all the Passengers who treasure comfort during their journey, that allows to purchase the adjoining seat for 50% of the fare. For higher comfort the Passenger is allowed to buy the adjoining seat for half of the original price. The Passenger is also allowed to put on the second purchased seat any additional luggage, free of charge. The ‘50% less - Double Comfort’ concession does not apply from 10 to 24 of December coming to Poland, and from 1 to 15 of January, departing form Poland.